04 January, 2012

Metro Dash Orlando 2012

Less than two weeks until Orlando's intense obstacle course, Metro Dash! We will be volunteering at this event as well as testing our abilities to make time on the course! Orlando Saturday Jan. 14th!
For complete information http://www.metrodash.com/

Metro Dash is a gut wrenching, muscle pounding, make you wanna throw up obstacle course race. It's compact, it's intense, and it's one hell of a good time. You're judged on one thing only - your time.

Have you ever wondered if you got what it takes? We do everyday. While some athletes believe the only way to prove this is to run 10+ miles uphill, at Metro Dash, we know we can accomplish this with 600 meters of sprinting and just the right mix of challenging obstacles. Whether you're competing to win or just for fun, Metro Dash will unleash the best in you.

Metro Dash is a sprint. Slow and steady gets you nowhere on our course. At Metro Dash if you aren't pushing yourself as hard as you possibly can while striving to get the fastest time, you're only cheating yourself. Metro Dash is not just about finishing.

Competitors will sprint a total of 600 meters while climbing, crawling, jumping, swinging, and scaling their way through challenging obstacles. The fastest time wins.

The  Obstacles:
Do you think you have what it takes? Join us and register! http://www.metrodash.com/orlando/
Train with us! For more information email fitfullforce@gmail.com (put Metro Dash Training in the subject line)

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